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2828 Broadway Apartments

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The 2828 Broadway Apartments project is located in Golden Hill, providing 34x residential units within walking & bicycling distance from downtown San Diego. The project was designed to meet the standards of the 2015 version of the Golden Hill Community Plan, and utilized the density-bonus provisions of SDMC to maximize the housing capacity of the time, increasing the urban density and providing the growing community of Golden Hill with sustainable and equitable housing. After a change of ownership, and delays in construction, the project was completed in 2021.

Each of the 34 units features large amounts of floor-to-floor glazing for natural light and the central zen-like atrium allows for cross-ventilation throughout the complex. A common roof deck boasts panoramic views of the San Diego Bay and Coronado Islands, providing a wonderfully elevated amenity for all residents.

Working with the topographic to provide semi-below-grade on-site parking, the project addresses the street with a pronounced staircase that is a common design feature used throughout the Golden Hill Community. The building, while identifiably modern, is broken into a series of structures connected by breezeway corridors, allowing the development to present a rhythm of three smaller forms along Broadway which is more in scale with the existing urban context.

2828 Broadway, Golden Hill

Project Owner/Developer:
The South Parker, LLC

Contact Name/Email:
The Greenwald Company

Project Architect/Designer:
Design Architect: DBRDS / Architect of Record: SILLMAN

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  1. E Morales

    This behemoth is an eye-sore in the residential neighborhood. It is designed like a 1950s hotel, but without the parking.


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