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Africa Rocks! at the San Diego Zoo

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  Landscape Architecture

Africa Rocks! is a transformation of an existing 8-acre site at the San Diego Zoo based on the interpretation of a unique series of 7 biomes on the African continent. The geology of Africa is dramatically revealed and the foundation for a diverse collection of habitats and the species that have evolved with them.

Leopards, African penguins, lemurs, baboons, sharks, monkeys, birds –  in total 42 species – live in habitats that resemble their native homeland. Seen as the root cause of earth’s changing and diverse landscapes, seascapes and their associated climates, tectonics are the driving force for the evolutionary development of wildlife. Africa Rocks! immerses visitors in dramatic landscapes that they are not familiar with, stretch their perceptions of what Africa looks like and amazes visitors with the species that inhabit them.

2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego Zoological Society

Contact Name/Email:
Steve Fobes, AIA, SFobes@sandiegozoo.org

Project Architect/Designer:
Quince Farm Studio and ELM Environments in conjunction with Miller Hull

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  1. Kent scott

    What audacity. Extravagant and monumental earthworks, towering trees, and botanical exotics without peer in SoCal. This is a truly spellbinding piece of landscape design. Sure, there are baboons and ibex dancing on rock escarpments and penguins trying not to cavort with sharks. The animals are dramatic but the landscape is unparalleled. This is a winner.


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