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Amanecer Apartments

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This 96-unit affordable is located on a 1.47-acre site adjacent to the Community Park, Amanecer Apartments makes the most of its location, orienting the building and its public spaces towards the park. The C-shape configuration creates a courtyard that is a hub of family activity and includes a BBQ and dining area, a play structure for kids and a citrus orchard. The open space is ringed with resident amenities, including a fitness room, laundry, computer room, community room and kitchen.

The 4-story building presents itself with a textured façade of fibercement panels and a wrap-around canopy surrounding the entrance and main stair with a bright accent color. The open-air lobby allows a peek through the building to the courtyard and park beyond and connects to a feature stair which descends to the central courtyard.

The main residential wings are simple white plaster boxes that sit atop an overhanging concrete podium, allowing tuck-under parking. This overhang also creates an arcade providing shade along the south-facing façade of the central courtyard. Upper residential levels include open-ended corridors providing daylight and natural ventilation. At level 4, the corridor terminates in a large, sunny terrace overlooking the park.

2645 Ulric Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Project Owner/Developer:
Community Housing Works

Contact Name/Email:
Anna Slaby / aslaby@chworks.org

Project Architect/Designer:
Studio E Architects

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  1. Philip Gill

    While well-intentioned and much needed affordable housing, this project just fails. Generic box architecture. Been done and done.

    • Ted Smith

      who is this Philip Quill guy ? Seems pretty un happy about some pretty nice projects


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