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Bella Mar – Residential Mixed use: Point Loma

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This new mixed use condo complex misses the mark wasting the opportunity to anchor the heart of Point Loma Village. Upscale pricing contrasts with low-level materials, finishes and detailing in this half-hearted attempt at mixed use. Its most distinctive feature is a series of cheap-looking, metal-mesh screens that surround windows at the street facade. Their curving shape evokes “sails?” Providing no purpose they along with the mediocre plaster finish work and shading devices located too high above the windows to provide shade make this one a stinker.

Rosecrans and Byron, Point Loma

Project Owner/Developer:
Nextspace Developer

Contact Name/Email:
Nextspace Developer

Project Architect/Designer:
Martinez Cutri Architects / Marengo Morton Architects

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