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Browology Studio in Del Mar

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  Interior Design

Browology Studio, located in Del Mar, is a contemporary beauty lounge specializing in eyebrow design and premium skin care.

Customers arrive at a sleek check-in counter, surrounded by contemporary finishes and organic textures, like wood flooring, a moss wall, and stone. The design exudes elegance while reinforcing that the company cares about precision and cleanliness.

In the treatment rooms, frosted glass provides both natural light and a sense of privacy, and natural finishes and graphics create a soothing environment that subtly reinforces the power of natural beauty.

When the studio opened in December 2017, it received rave reviews; a local reporter called the environment a “pristine, modern studio,” and a “perfect getaway for peaceful pampering.”

The finished design speaks to elegance, efficiency, cleanliness, precision, and relaxation, as well as organic beauty.


12865 Pointe Del Mar Way Suite 290, Del Mar, CA 92014

Project Owner/Developer:
Brady Construction & Design

Contact Name/Email:
Stephanie Bostwick / stephanie@browologystudio.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Retail Habitats

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