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Carlsbad ADU/Garage Conversion

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Carlsbad ADU/Garage Conversion is a complete remodel of a large-capacity garage for homeowners to rent. It is a space that mutates quickly and constantly. It was designed to be innovative and flexible with the possibility of future changes.

We believe that we don’t need big homes – we need homes with flexible spaces that can be transformed depending on the lifestyle and needs of those who live there.

In the Carlsbad ADU/Garage Conversion, we designed the space to change configurations easily to accommodate a variation of tenants who will live in the space over time. The ADU has an extra bed and folding table/workstation integrated into a cabinet wall downstairs, a garage door that expands the interior to the exterior, and a mezzanine level for additional privacy. Whether one, two, or three people live in the ADU or if there are visitors who come and go, the space can be transformed as needed. It can mutate as a dining room, an office, a bedroom, or a yoga room on the same day to meet the tenants’ needs.

3473 Jefferson St, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Project Owner/Developer:
Ross and Shannon Lohr

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
Moodern Granny Flat with Ramiro Losada Amor

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  1. Alejandro

    Beautiful design!

  2. Kim

    What a beautiful space! I love the effect of the wood slatted ceiling.


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