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City Heights Canyons Loop Trail

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Four and a half miles of trails in the middle of San Diego!  The City Heights Canyons Loop Trail provides an opportunity for urban dwellers to get back to nature without leaving the City.  Hikers can choose a variety of loops through Manzanita Canyon, Hollywood Canyon, Pepper Canyon, Swan Canyon and Olivia/47th St. Canyon which are connected by short walks on streets and through two community parks.  The “Canyon Connections” feature canyon themed murals, a community water conservation garden and the Manzanita Gathering Place, the main trailhead for the entire trail.  San Diego Canyonlands has created easy access to these canyons by building crib steps and switchbacks at the entrances that all but the very young and athletic would find difficult to maneuver.  SDCL and volunteers have restored acres of habitat in these four canyons by removing invasive species and planting California natives at their ongoing weekly events.  Besides making the canyons more beautiful, the restoration work makes them more fire safe and the stewardship and hiking encourages positive use of our precious urban wilderness.




City Heights - Manzanita Canyon, Hollywood Canyon, Pepper Canyon, Swan Canyon and Olivia/47th St. Canyon

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego Canyonlands

Contact Name/Email:
Eric Bowlby - Executive Director/ eric@sdcanyonlands.org

Project Architect/Designer:
San Diego Canyonlands, Community Members, City Heights Open Space Department

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  1. Stephanie

    I just took my family on our first canon walk through this area. Cleaning out the canyons is such an asset to the local community and must have been a huge effort. Bravo to the group that made this happen and to the City for investing in the City Heights area. Great work!


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