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Coco Cabana

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Coco Cabana is a vibrant and playful rooftop bar located in the historic Brick hotel near Oceanside’s waterfront. The design concept was curated as a north county counterpart to its sister Coco Maya in Little Italy, San Diego, and was inspired by the laid-back and Tulum-inspired aesthetic. The challenge was to work with costly retrofitted conditions to accommodate a bar area, a small kitchen, and restrooms while meeting restrictive code regulations.

The space is designed to provide a series of unique experiences for visitors, starting with the beachfront bar area that features lighter and durable materials, warm woods, and soft pastel colors that pay homage to the Tulum motif. The mirrors along the back of the bar and private dining areas create reflections that enable oceanfront views from all directions.

A more private dining area adjacent to an open mini-kitchen provides a chic and relaxed chef’s table experience with custom benches and planters to create privacy between parties. The lounge experience incorporates a custom DJ booth with Moroccan tile patterns, a series of planters and linear LED lights, and a field of baskets custom fabricated to create a ceiling adjacent to the sky.

The overall design direction brings in playful elements, such as a custom golden pineapple display, flamingo beer taps, and deconstructed metal trees, to respect the brand’s directions. Despite the challenges, the final result is a unique and inviting space that balances oceanfront relaxation with an elevated and warm boutique experience, a la Tulum.

All in all, Coco Cabana is a stunning rooftop bar that offers a one-of-a-kind experience to visitors. The design challenges were met with creative solutions that respect the brand’s overall vision while incorporating unique elements that set it apart from other rooftop bars. The result is a playful and inviting space that showcases the historic landmark of the Brick hotel while providing a relaxed and intimate atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

408 Pier View Way, Oceanside, CA 92054

Project Owner/Developer:
Grind and Prosper Hospitality

Contact Name/Email:
Pete Cich/petecich@gmail.com

Project Architect/Designer:
GTC Design

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