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Crawford High School Performing Arts Center

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  Public Architecture

A beautiful new Performing Arts Center for Crawford High School provides students a high quality, college-like environment for them to thrive.  The 3-story structure is spacious, full of natural light, colorful and has an inviting openness.  The building is equipped with MERV 13 air filters, has CO2 sensors, has a 38% reduction in total lighting power allowance per Title 24 and approximately 20% reduction in Title 24 for mechanical.  The investment into the students’ capacities encourages students to dream big about their futures and supports multiple career pathways.  The facilities will do more than just enhance learning at Crawford, they will serve as a source for civic and community pride for all communities surrounding Crawford High. This new building serves the most ethnically diverse student population within the school district.  The new facility is an exciting commitment to the community – expanding personal education choices and opportunities, while encouraging social interaction in the post COVID era.   As a major statement, the PAC creates an equitable community environment for use by students, staff, parents, neighborhood and community members.  A natural outgrowth of such a public commitment is social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion for all persons within this diverse community.

4191 Colts Way, San Diego, CA 92115

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego School District

Contact Name/Email:
San Diego School District; sdusdfacilitiesinfo.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Sprotte + Watson Architecture and Planning

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  1. Faith Wilson Ward

    This building has made such a difference on Crawford’s campus. Beauty matters, and it positively impacts our students and our community. It is definitely the brightest feather in our school’s cap!

    • Minerva Edwards

      A beautiful facility that brings people together. Very functional.
      A beautiful facility. Congratulations to everyone that helped support the creation of an amazing building.

      • Isabella White

        Rock star team with a product to prove it! This is a beautiful facility that has enhanced students’ academic experience and positively impacted it’s community.

  2. Pat McDermott

    The entire team we worked with from Sprotte + Watson Architecture and Planning to Turner Construction Company was a great experience. The communication made for a very smooth and easy project to be part of. End result a really nice looking addition to the school site.

  3. Keith Calabro

    This space was so exciting to tour and photograph. So much color and spirit built into the design

  4. Kyle Yee

    Such a light and air filled space gives those in the environment a place to sit and think or read or communicate. The colors bring energy into the space. I love the shapes incorporated into the building. Thumbs up to the designer Karyn Malmgren . Very impressive!

    This building is definitely worthy of an Orchid Award.

    My background is also design; textile design. The splash of red is very nicely placed

  5. Annette

    Beautiful Building with the necessary elements & then some to make it functional for all to learn & thrive. Great job!

  6. Bryce G Hodgson

    This project was the first in the history of SDUSD to include the GRIDLOK seismic bracing solution, which substantially increased the resilience of the ceiling installation and reduced the clutter typically associated with the conventional DSA detail. This means future maintenance of the interstitial space is easier because that space is easily accessed. Enabling the project to stay ahead of the construction timeline enhanced the reputation of both the installing company, CMS Interiors, and Turner, both of whom were open to new concepts and strongly supported this innovative install.

  7. Michael Dennis

    Great project!

  8. Isaiah Warner

    Awesome Building!


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