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Cypress Residences – East Village

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The Cypress housing development has enhanced San Diego’s East Village in several ways. Firstly, the appealing, contemporary design harmonizes with the neighborhood by drawing inspiration from the local arts scene. The residential development also mitigates one of the San Diego’s biggest challenges: a limited stock of affordable housing. With homelessness on the rise, Cypress provides more than a place to live: it offers a place to live with dignity, and with the on-site support services necessary for formerly homeless persons to stay homed.

Constructed on a tiny site with adjacent structures, Cypress features a bold façade inspired by the local arts scene, and an abstracted “tree canopy” executed in zinc panel. For this six-story building, shared common areas were implemented on the second floor, increasing access to amenities for residents. A shared kitchen, courtyard, two private terraces, and Wi-Fi lounges were all included in the design to encourage interaction and a sense of community among residents. This facility also includes offices, meeting rooms and other support facilities for on-site social services aiming to assist residents in achieving stability.

The design provides residents with a comfortable and secure environment. Each room is designed for one occupant and is equipped with a small kitchen and bathroom, each designed to accommodate individuals with a variety of special needs. Other amenities are available in facility’s multiple common areas, allowing for maximum space efficiency.

1435 Imperial Avenue San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
Affirmed Housing Group

Contact Name/Email:
Lindsay Quackenbush, Vice President of Development

Project Architect/Designer:
Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

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