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Date Street Plaza Fountain – Little Italy

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Stop with the kitch! Who thought placing a giagantic ersatz “italian” fountain in the middle of Date Street was a great idea? We love a good water feature as much as the next person…but this is cheesier than Kraft Parmesan Cheese. It looks like it was ordered out of an inflight SkyMall catalog – on a page with lawn gnomes and grazing deer statuary. Lame sauce! Besides looking like it was designed by the B Team of the Disneyland “Imagineers” – it is so oversized that it blocks the view of the bay! A poor-man’s Trevi on steroids. Let’s close a street and build a public plaza where we can enjoy our City’s bayfront – then spoil that opportunity with a big unimaginative piece of civic plumbing! Bad idea! The developers and designers needed only to look across the bay for a few good examples of how to do a fountain that doesn’t block a view…Coronado has several. Missed opportunity…

Date Street and Columbia Street, San Diego

Project Owner/Developer:
H.G. Fenton

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  1. bfm01

    I was going to nominate this fountain for the same reasons exactly but being a long-time Little Italy property owner and resident, I felt conflicted. Glad someone else stepped up!


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