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Edie’s Tire Shop Renovation

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  Historic Preservation

This building is located in my neighborhood City Heights. Walking along University Ave. for many years I have notice an abandoned shed from the 1920’s that was recently restored. What it makes this project valuable is that the designers considered to keep the essence of the existing building by keeping the original footprint and shape but added reflective and discreet materials that in a way maintains the character of the neighborhood. In my opinion this is a building that looks fresh/new but it is also being sensitive to the current conditions of the community. I hope more buildings like this pop up around this part of the city. Also, I hope that buildings that add character to the neighborhood but are not necessarily considered “historical” can be preserved more often by developers. 


Photography: @ian.patzke

3477 University Ave. San Diego CA. 92110

Project Owner/Developer:
Robert Minano

Contact Name/Email:
(619)770 9637 robertminano@yahoo.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Prismatica. Jesus Fernando Limon, Jose F. Garcia Photography: @ian.patzke

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