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Exact Sciences Torrey Pines Tenant Improvement

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Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on advancing earlier cancer detection and liquid biopsies. The company determined a need for more space after acquiring Biomatrica, a company that develops sample collection tubes. FPBA provided design services to convert an existing office space in Torrey Pines into an R+D center for Exact Sciences.

FPBA leveraged Exact Sciences’ corporate standards to create a serene, sophisticated workplace. A double-volume stairway with a perforated feature wall opens up the space and connects the first and second levels. An open office, collaboration zone, and focus rooms equipped with acoustical products offer diverse spaces for all types of work. Expansive windows provide sunlight and views of the eastern mountains, while geometric lighting supplements the natural daylight. In the labs, mobile casework and overhead utility panels maximize flexibility.

11085 N Torrey Pines Rd, La Jolla, CA 92037

Project Owner/Developer:
Exact Sciences

Contact Name/Email:
Schultz, Amanda

Project Architect/Designer:
FPBA: Amanda Schultz, Kate Novikova. Elluminet: Stephane Beauvais

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  1. Luda

    Very nice looking project!

  2. Diana



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