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Fire Station No. 5 – Hillcrest

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Fire Station No. 5 feels like it’s part of the neighborhood while also playing off some fresh ideas. Glad to see design that considers people—that 2nd story porch is great for the firefighters.

3902 9th Ave, San Diego, 92103

Project Owner/Developer:
City of San Diego

Contact Name/Email:
Michelle Abella-Shon / MShon@sandiego.gov

Project Architect/Designer:
Rob Wellington Quigley FAIA

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  1. Lynn Thoza

    I personally think that this is one of Rob Quigley’s best buildings. It brings interest and punch to a boring section of University Ave. Loved how the balcony worked during the Pride Parade. The real joy is inside, with light washed spaces surrounding a small courtyard. Try to get a tour next time the firefighters have an open house. What an improvement for the firefighters!


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