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Fire Station #22: Point Loma

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A missed opportunity to be sure. A mash-up of Spanish Mission and post modern trellising doesn’t do justice to the only new civic building in Point Loma. Cheesey detailing like the painted red square insets that line the building and the dark brown plaster support the pseudo Spanish Mission style of the building. A vein attempt to add public art was made with tile mosaics clumsily applied to the entry columns. Our civic buildings deserve more attention and investment than this, especially those that house and honor our fire fighters.

1055 Catalina Avenue

Project Owner/Developer:
City of San Diego

Contact Name/Email:
City of San Diego

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  1. Debbie

    “Vein” attempt hahahahaa

  2. Deb Porter

    It MIGHT have been okay…if only they hadn’t put those ugly graffiti-looking tiles in front!! What were they thinking??? and WHY???…it really sleezes up the look.


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