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Fletcher Cove Playground

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  Landscape Architecture

The immediate popularity of the newly renovated Fletcher Cove Tot Lot in Solana Beach attests to the successful collaboration with the City and local residents to replace aging play equipment with a unique play space for children of all ages and abilities.

The attractive ADA accessible net structure is corrosion resistant and preserves ocean views. A diverse range of activities, including a slide, monkey bars, musical chimes, and a boogie board, caters to children aged 5-12, while an area for 2-5 year olds fosters early childhood development, building motor, language, cognitive, and social skills through imaginative play and educational play panels.

A whimsical touch, the rubberized surfacing features a whale diving under the swings, and beach umbrella style shade panels provide relief from the sun while reinforcing the oceanic vibe.

The unique historical setting of the park is reflected in a panel juxtaposing a 1923 aerial photograph with a 2023 image from the same vantage point 100 years later, contributing to the site’s history and adding depth to the overall experience.

Ultimately, this playground serves as more than just recreational space; it fosters community bonds and has swiftly become a main attraction, uniting and inspiring people of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds.

111 S Sierra Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Project Owner/Developer:
City of Solana Beach

Contact Name/Email:
Dan Goldberg / dgoldberg@cosb.org

Project Architect/Designer:
VDLA Landscape Architects

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  1. Luda

    My kids love playing at this new playground!

  2. alexa h

    Always see kids having fun here, and the design is so nice/beautiful!

  3. alexa

    a nice playground that the kids seem to love!

  4. Ricardo

    Love going to this beach with the family, and have to say the playground is a great addition. Shaded play by the beach! Looks Great!

  5. Irina

    Beautiful Park in a gorgeous beach!
    Lucky to live in SoCal and enjoy the outdoors.

  6. Jill MacDonald

    My grandchildren loved this playground!


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