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Grass Skirt – Pacific Beach

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  Interior Design

Grass Skirt is a Tiki bar concept designed by Davis-Ink in Pacific Beach, San Diego. Since we at Davis-Ink thrive on creating “funky”, bizarre and W.T.F. environments, we were thrilled to be a part of a team that pushes the boundaries and encourages thinking in a totally non-traditional way.

The goal was to create an incredibly fun, positive and socially interactive dream world. An environment that is 100% about fun and celebration. Tiki is about ritual, presentation and the process of preparing and consuming exotic drinks and food. Davis-Ink, therefore, worked very closely with the bartending and food staff in order to “showcase” the entire experience.

From a design perspective, we wanted to create an authentic Tiki environment in a nontraditional way. We incorporated a fine balance between authentic Tiki and progressive 2016 design. We took classic materials, artifacts and lighting and then reconfigured them in completely new never before seen ways.

910 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Project Owner/Developer:
Davis Ink Ltd

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
Davis Ink Ltd

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  1. Pauly

    A spectacular speak-easy style bar in PB. A well curated space that backs up the decor with a theatrical tiki vibe & stella food & drinks.


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