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J Public Relations: Bankers Hill

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This stylish addition to the real estate development scene on Bankers Hill cultivates a distinct dialogue with the neighborhood vibe. The central mission was to open up the 1952-era building, connecting it to its surroundings by softening the office aesthetic with a fluid floor plan that’s both contemporary and residential.

As such, layers of the 6,000-square-foot building—a former dental supply company—and its squatty two-story façade were carefully peeled away. Large picture windows frame the sidewalk activity on Fifth Avenue and adjacent Balboa Park. Mid-century bones and brick are preserved.

A flex-space blueprint was conceived for a new generation eschewing the cubicle. On any given day, 30-plus employees set-up shop in the social kitchen, lobby couches, a glass conference room, or quiet rooms, one of which includes a napping nook.

On the second floor, unobstructed views onto Sixth Avenue and the ebb and flow of activity in the park can be had from the bull pen and glass-clad executive offices. Sunlit picnics, soccer games or morning Tai Chi enliven the work space with San Diego’s trademark recreational lifestyle.

Overall, the architect and developer have proven that it is possible to respect and embrace the neighborhood’s history, while also building for the future.

2341 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
Tim O'Grady & Jamie Sigler O'Grady

Contact Name/Email:
Tim O'Grady - tim.ogrady65@gmail.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Hollander Design Group, DESS Architecture, Esteban Interiors

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  1. wo isme

    Nice PR move. For your signage – is that all caps Arial, or did you spring for Helvetica? The legibility of it is undeniable.

  2. Lindsey B

    Amazing office. This building has definitely elevated the neighborhood!! Hopefully more buildings in the area will go through a re-design/upgrade. 🙂

  3. Kristen Ahrens

    So beautiful! I love what was done with the building. Truly spectacular.

  4. Christine Nicole

    This building is such an added gem to the neighborhood! The huge windows that surround the building allow you to see inside at night and admire all of the architectural details. What an incredible transformation from the drab BEFORE!

  5. Jillian

    This was an insane transformation from what it was before. It truly brightened up the neighborhood. Such a beautiful space.

  6. Kristin Hutton

    Beautiful transformation and design! love the new JPR San Diego office!

  7. Kristen

    I love what was done with the building. It looks incredible!

  8. Cori

    What an office! The exteriors and interiors are dreamy.

  9. Alexa Forshay

    This building is stunning — such an insane transformation from what it used to look like!

  10. Meredith

    So dreamy! Such a gorgeous transformation.

  11. Lauren

    This office is absolutely stunning! The open windows allow you to see the beautiful interior design. You can definitely tell that no detail was missed in designing this amazing building. Truly lights up in the neighborhood!

  12. Marrissa Mallory

    It’s such a transformation of what was an old, dark looking building, into a light-filled, modern space. As someone who lives in Bankers Hill, it’s so much more fitting!

  13. Lauren Knudsen

    This is such an improvement over the dated-looking building it was. A jewel box in a transforming neighborhood. The interiors have such a great blend of residential-meets-office – what a gorgeous way to work!

  14. Alissa Kasawdish

    Everything about this dreamy building is stunning!! The design team behind it is so incredibly intricate. What a transformation that’s lighting up the neighborhood!

  15. Amy Ogden

    Such an incredible space – the first floor looks like my dream home! Way to go!

  16. Suzanne BG

    Beautiful transformation! It’s wonderful to see a beloved neighborhood gain such an impressive building redesign.

  17. Chandler

    Stunning! Work space GOALS!

  18. Macie Evans

    Everything about this space is beautiful!!!! Such an inspiration.

  19. Jordan Owashi

    Truly such an incredible transformation. It brings so much brightness to the neighborhood!

  20. Brigid Cotter

    WOW…. this is office space is seriously stunning. #GOALS

  21. Kelly Renz

    Such a beautiful space with amazing design elements!

  22. Lauren Kita

    The transformation from what it was to THIS is so impressive! The design is both innovative and dynamic, unlike any other office space I’ve seen – BEAUTIFUL!

  23. J Flora

    Incredible transformation… Such a remarkable achievement!

  24. Alex

    Wow! Office goals right there.

  25. Morgan Alexis

    OMG stunning office space!! So impressive.

  26. Jennifer Russell

    Such a efficient and smart use of space…and beautiful to boot!! I simply love it!

  27. Raymond Watt

    Love this space! Open, ergonomic, and absolutely gorgeous! It’s narrative is transformational – a true inspiration.

  28. Jennifer Beyor

    Congrats on creating such a gorgeous, inviting space that is inspiring and stunning!


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