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Laguna Row

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Laguna Row is residential redevelopment project that consists of (13) detached rowhomes built in the walkable Carlsbad Village community and facing onto the Buena Vista Lagoon Ecological Reserve.  Laguna Row is an architect/developer builder project and includes multiple sustainable elements such as habitat restoration, cedar siding, storm water treatment and is all electric, (no fossil fuels).

The project’s design takes its cues from both the urban/suburban setting and beautiful natural area that it faces onto.  Although allowed to go “zero lot line” the design steps back and down from adjacent low rise residential areas to the east.  Laguna Row also involves innovative solutions such as auto-lifts to make a 1 car garage be able to park 2 cars.

The design itself and materiality were inspired by the natural setting.  The lagoon is a surprising piece of nature in an otherwise urbanized setting.  The use of both native landscaping and western red cedar for the cladding were used to connect in a more natural way to the location.

The project previously consisted of a medical office building, parking lot and single family dwelling and though the density is increased the actual area of open space natural areas and permeable surfaces has increased.

570-580 Laguna Drive, Carlsbad CA 92008

Project Owner/Developer:
Laguna Project, LP

Contact Name/Email:
Brett Farrow; brettfarrow@cox.net

Project Architect/Designer:
Brett Farrow

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