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Landscape Improvements for the Miramar Water Treatment Plant Clearwells Project

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After enduring 6 years of heavy construction at this Water Treatment, the community now has a visually bold, drought tolerant, memorable streetscape statement along Scripps Lake Drive. The long stretch of security fence was softened with a mix of colorful succulent groundcovers, bold foliage shrubs and colorful succulent trees. The undulating landscape character along the sidewalk was complimented by the California Native Habitat ‘backdrop’ behind the fence to prevent slope erosion. Dry Stream Beds were woven in & out of the vegetation to create rhythm and help direct the eye to key focal nodes. The signwall design & tricky ‘triplet composition’ drew its inspiration from the Water Treatment Plant’s signature architectural character, derived from distinctive curved rooflines. The landscape design creates a sense of civic pride for this ‘state-of-the-art’ water treatment plant that will soon be receiving & treating wastewater to the level of ‘pure’ drinking water. It also contributes¬† a fresh & timely sense of community pride for residents that view it on their way to the adjacent Miramar Lake Entrance, Public Library, Scripps Ranch High School, and Business Park.¬† The landscape composition promotes sustainability by offering ‘design inspiration’ to community members & visitors for effective adaptation of drought-tolerant principles and native plant habitats within their own residential landscapes.

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Project Owner/Developer:
City of San Diego

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
Marian Marum, ASLA

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