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Lloyd Ruocco and Homer Delawie Duplex – HRB#1340 DesignationFill

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  Historic Preservation

8015-8017 El Paseo Grande is an excellent example of a 1960 duplex residence designed by the Ruocco and Delawie partnership in the contemporary style. Working with a landmark should be viewed as both a creative opportunity and an opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint, by salvaging the embodied carbon through reuse and reducing the operational carbon.

Design for Integration:
The rehabilitation project includes remodeling of the first-floor interiors and a second-story addition with a third-floor view deck to the designated historic resource. The addition utilizes key design techniques of the original architects, including dominating rooflines, while maintaining visual differentiation to clue observers as to what is historic and what is the new addition. To create a modern look that enhances the original historic duplex, the new addition uses clean lines and large expanses of glass, which also hearkens back to the original design influences of Ruocco and Delawie.

The project creates a second-floor garden with roof apertures, complimenting the original entry patio garden. In addition, open patio space on the rooftop maximizes space and use of the lot without sacrificing
original design intent and modernism principles, such as a strong interior/exterior connection. The design complies with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.

Design for Energy and Resource:
Zero Tool: Baseline: 26 EUI / 100 Zero Score
Project: 11 EUI / 42 Zero Score
Over 55% Reduction
Choosing to decarbonize an existing building versus pursuing new, low-carbon construction requires a delicate balance between the embodied carbon benefits of an existing building and the potential for deep operational carbon improvements.
Embodied Carbon:
Reuse of framing for 2,200 sq. ft. walls and roof
Reuse of concrete paving, and slab foundation.
Deep operational carbon improvements:
Newly insulated envelope
32 PV panels
LED lighting
All electric appliances
Mini-split heating and air-conditioning
Tankless Water heater
Daylight design
Water Savings: Converting all fixtures and fitting to low-flow low-use.

Design for Community: Maintaining rental housing

8015-8017 El Paseo Grande

Project Owner/Developer:

Project Architect/Designer:
Heather Crane, AIA and Ione R. Stiegler, FAIA

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  1. Sandy

    Beautiful architecture that deserves preservation Thank you

  2. Ina Rubenstein


  3. Paula

    Fantastic renovation love the style in keeping w the mid century modern unique design ! BRAVO


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