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Lofty Coffee, Little Italy

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Lofty Coffee, a recent addition to Little Italy neighborhood has become the place to be to meet up, sip a cappuccino and order a dynamite poached egg and toast. This once dead corner is now enlivened with the coming and going of patrons. Owner Eric Myers led the design and construction of the project in concert with Edinger Architects. The building has two sections, one a semi-covered area and the other a more fully covered area. Raised above the street level, the space provides excellent people watching of this now active corner. The shapes are clean, simple, and accented with materials, textures and equipment that provide visual interest. Effective place making is the result of the care and attention that Mr. Myers and his colleagues put into the project. Now get on down there and make some memories.

Lofty Coffee Background

Lofty Coffee is a quality-focused, community hub located in downtown and coastal San Diego. Lofty was started in 2011 as a corner cafe on historic Coast Hwy. 101 in Encinitas, California. “Our Ethos”, was the guiding vision for the original cafe and continues to guide us as we grow. In the six years since our founding, we have expanded to four locations including a production facility where we roast our coffee and bake our pastries from scratch. Sourcing organic ingredients from local producers keeps our breakfast and lunch menus full of fresh and healthy options. Running our business in a sustainable manner is of equal importance to our commitment to producing quality products. As a locally owned business, we are committed to providing our community with superior coffee, artisanal food and exceptional customer service. We don’t need to write your name on a cup because we already know it.

Photo Credit: Jenny Farhat

444 W Cedar St, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
Eric Myers

Contact Name/Email:
Eric Myers / 444 W Cedar St, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Architect/Designer:
Designer: Eric Myers / Architect: Edinger Design

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