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  Interior Design

Marisi, the restaurant in La Jolla known for its Italian fine dining, opened in August 2022 with a romantic and timeless design. Creating a space reminiscent of an Italian escape to a homey villa, Marisi’s bold architecture and vibrant decor capture the elements of the Amalfi coast with a nostalgic and comforting ambiance of a traditional Italian trattoria. The restaurant’s showstopping elements include a 10ft brick and tiled Italian Hearth, an expansive sunlit patio, sweeping ceilings with arched walkways, “The Lemon Room” and a circular bar. Every detail from the custom-branded wallpaper to the custom-patterned floor tiles was designed or hand-selected by the team for a dream-like environment. Marisi’s color palette whisks you to the Italian coast, spotlighting hues of yellows, greens, blues and pinks. The design charms with a blend of refined classic elements and subtle yet intentional details such as vintage art prints, custom wall décor, and a mosaic bar top. Whether guests sit at the circular bar, open-air patio positioned off the town’s main thoroughfare or in the private dining room surrounded by lemons, each of the 111 seats holds a unique dining experience for patrons.

1044 Wall St, La Jolla, CA 92037

Project Owner/Developer:
Family-owned and operated by the Adler and Lombrozo families

Contact Name/Email:
Eric Adler - eric@marisilajolla.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Bells + Whistles

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  1. Kendra Smith

    Really cute spot with great food

  2. Mitch Pitter

    Super cool interior design

  3. Graciela Gil

    Amazing food and great service

  4. Arthur Adler

    Outstanding addition to the San Diego restaurant community!

    • Alex Broadbent

      A beautifully cozy spot to enjoy a date night or any occasion with exceptional food and beverage!

  5. Daniela Vainer

    The best ambiance & food!! Best music too.

  6. Taylor

    Marisi is my favorite restaurant in San Diego. Not only is the food amazing, the ambience takes you out of San Diego and into a romantic city in Italy.

    • Sierra

      I heard the food was great, but I was not expecting for this place to be so beautiful. The pictures do not even scratch the surface. The wallpaper is super chic and the art is so unique. (My favorite room is the lemon room!) You can tell so much thought went into the design. I recommend this place to everyone who comes to San Diego!

  7. Philipp Hanna

    Dined there last week, and I’ve never been in a restaurant that has thought of every detail when it comes to the design, down to their hand soaps. Absolute class!

  8. Nina

    Amazing spot for Italian in La Jolla!

  9. Rachel Rieser

    This place is a vibe. Perfect date spot. The food is to die for and the ambiance is a 10/10.

  10. Deborah Artenstein

    We love Marisi, the food is delicious and great ambiance, service is always impeccable.

  11. Mandie

    Absolutely in awe with this interior design! Every detail from the bathroom to the bar to the kitchen. Plus the pasta + cocktails are amazing!

  12. Mikenna Doherty

    Absolutely love every aspect of Marisi’s design. Clearly someone put a lot of thought into every little detail. They even have these amazing tomato vine scented candles in the bathroom, and they’re available purchase too!

  13. Elizabeth Mulcahy

    Beautiful restaurant – my favorite place to recommend to -anyone visiting town!

  14. Agatha

    Amazing food and design! It’s very romantic and pretty! Marisi is my new favorite Italian spot in SD.

  15. Mariam Nourmofidi

    Love the design and ambiance at Marisi ! The patio is my absolute favorite section and it’s our go to spot in San Diego.

  16. Jules Lawrence

    The best bar and restaurant in town! There is nothing else like it—the ambiance, food, and service are unmatched. Such a beautiful addition.

  17. Max Lawrence

    Upscale yet cozy! One of the finest dining experiences in San Diego.

  18. William Dylan Shipsey

    Breathtaking design that transports you to Italy while still maintaining that La Jolla feel. The three spaces/dining room are all so unique but somehow flow together

  19. Allison Woyshner

    The best restaurant in La Jolla! Amazing food & great service. Will always recommend!

  20. Derek Cram

    Beautiful spot with incredible food, wine, and cocktails.

  21. Karla

    I absolutely love this place! Amazing food, vibe, and decor! Perfect place for a date or girl dinner.

  22. Maria

    My favorite restaurant in San Diego!
    The ambience brings you to romantic Italy and service is always beyond all the expectations

  23. Thomas Bardin


  24. Thomas Bardin

    il più bello ristorante italiano

  25. Dan Gorodezky

    The vibes are immaculate.
    Excellent food, drinks, service, and ambiance. 10/10

  26. Ashleigh

    This is my new favorite restaurant in SD! They have thought out every detail from the seasonally driven menu, excellent drinks, instagrammable diningrooms, and even the scent in the bathroom. Have you smelled it?

  27. Tony G

    Best of the best 👏
    10 for food.
    10 for decor.
    10 for customer service.
    The happening place.

  28. Maia Marcoschamer

    I love Marisi! Cutest + tastiest restaurant on the block!

  29. Raoul Martinez

    It takes your breath away when you turn the corner, then walk in to Marisi. you’re transported to a cafe in Italy. Gorgeous interior. you never want to leave. Oh, and the food is top notch too!

  30. Iliana

    Love the food, the beautiful environment and the service!!!!!

  31. Ashley Estes

    Absolutely gorgeous interior with outstanding service from bartender, Edwin, and fabulous cocktails and food. Frequent diner.

  32. Ashley estes

    Fantastic food and service m with an amazing bartender, Edwin, who makes great cocktails.

  33. Steph Walker

    My fav in LJ village. Feels sexy and sweet and the food is on point. Love the vermouth to start and can’t go wrong on this menu. Focaccia is a must. Bathroom on right is better than left.

  34. Justina Johnson

    When you walk into Marisi, it feels like you were transported to another world. It’s beautiful!


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