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Mission Bay Beach Club

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  Historic Preservation
The Mission Bay Beach Club—formerly the Visitor Information Center—was a languishing, abandoned building blighting Mission Bay Park. Over the course of several years, the design team from playground agency and Beaucoup Creative, lead by Bradley Schnell and Kristine Overacre respectively, transformed the 1969 landmark into a coastal gathering place. The building itself contains almost no straight wall, built in an organic modern style by the original architect Dick Lareau, who died this year but was a core part of the project team working to revitalize this landmark in keeping with the original design intent. The project team was one of the only groups advocating for restoration of the building, while many other proposals suggested leveling the original structure.

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The project is a true labor of love that continues to this day, with original murals hand painted by Kristine Overacre, as well as the addition of a larger kitchen, alcoholic beverages and more robust culinary offerings currently in process.  The project also offers bocce courts, live music, a vegan coffee bar (Superbloom), beach retail shop, a boutique working vineyard, an ice cream sandwich cart, bike and board rentals, as well as special seasonal events and private events.

2688 E Mission Bay Drive

Project Owner/Developer:
Bradley Schnell & Kristine Overacre

Contact Name/Email:
Kristine Overacre, ko@beaucoupcreative.co

Project Architect/Designer:
playground agency / Beaucoup Creative Co.

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