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MODA Sorrento Amenity Building

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  Interior Design

The MODA Sorrento amenity building is a transformation of the pre-existing office building into a modern, energy-efficient space that maximizes daylight, promotes employee wellness, and encourages innovation and collaboration between the biotech companies operating on the campus. Designed to feel like a Palm Springs desert retreat, furnishings and accessories evoke warmth and include many natural materials, wood tones, and relaxing colors.

A 45-foot wide Schweiss bifold door draws guests into a cozy cafe/lounge from the expansive patio. A large art piece by Claudy Johnstra, made with renewable and natural wool felt and dyed with sustainably grown plants, hangs over the cafe area, highlighted by specialty light features. Cafe materials, textures, and colors create a comforting ambience to transition from the workplace, gather, and play. Adjacent to the cafe, a sport simulator with projection and seating is enclosed by a custom-designed box of alder wood and fiberglass I-mesh screen in a traditional rattan pattern that provides privacy, security, and sound control, yet also creates a sense of openness, allowing light and visibility inside from surrounding spaces. The amenity building also includes a divisible training room for social events and company gatherings, an indoor/outdoor fitness center, and locker/shower rooms.

5555 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, California 92121

Project Owner/Developer:
BioMed Realty

Contact Name/Email:
Chris Burrus / chris.burrus@biomedrealty.com

Project Architect/Designer:

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  1. Paul

    Warm and welcoming! Great campus amenity.

  2. zeljko pavlovic

    Stunning interiors

  3. liz novi

    I love how modern it looks.

  4. Chelsea Powell

    This space is such a vibe!

  5. Midory Esquer

    I am obsessed with the color palette and the amazing job that DGA did! Congratulations on this transformation!

  6. Alexa Root

    The consideration and excellence of every detail that went into the interiors is impressive. They hit the Palm Springs retreat essence all the way, It is relaxing yet not sleepy and the palette is warm yet modern. Each space is clearly distinct in its feel, fitting to its intended use. The cafe area feels cozy and the amazing textile art piece being sustainable is so important. The giant leaf mural and the light and spacious airiness to the workout section is so inviting, I think many people will want to work out there because of the open feel. The locker rooms and bathrooms feel useful but glamourous. People will feel valued in there. Lastly, I particularly like the geometric ceiling in the conference room. I imagine it addresses acoustical concerns and does it with panache. Well done, team!

  7. Kelsey Andrews

    Gorgeous, love the calming colors and light open space

  8. Amber Elcome

    I love that this provides such a welcoming escape on an office campus! I would be happy to hang out here.

  9. Carolyn Root

    Beautiful!! I love the combination of soft and hard lines. The colors are wonderful. The spaces are inviting. Great place to work!

  10. Sydney

    Love the colors & textures – gorgeous space!

  11. Rochelle Samawi

    So much eye candy! I love the textures, colors and overall vibe!

  12. Amanda Hungerford

    Absolutely gorgeous and inviting!

  13. Rochelle

    Love these spaces!

  14. Nikki Holloway

    I love the desert-inspired design aesthetic! I brought a group to the cafe for a meetup, and the food and coffee are awesome! It’s great that the cafe is open to the public.

  15. Valerie Law

    This amenity building has everything! The textures in all the design are so intriguing!

  16. Li Quan

    The space is warm and inviting. It’s such a great space for promoting the employee wellness.

  17. Laura Johnston

    DGA is an amazing company and their expertise shines here!

  18. Erin .

    These fresh, chic interiors bring a boutique hospitality vibe to this Life Science client’s space. Great work!

  19. Stephanie Chapoteau

    Great design!

  20. Mariapaz Morey

    Such vibrant spaces!

  21. Katie

    A very fresh amenity space. Warm colors and reach muted tones allow a soft envorinment.

  22. Ayisha

    Beautiful space. Brave, unique design decisions.

  23. Grant Davis

    Outstanding interior at MODA Amenities Center. This speaks volumes to the design & thought put into this building. If you haven’t stopped by to check it out it’s a must see!

  24. Tanner Wright

    Beautiful finishes. Looks like an amazing place to relax and host community.

  25. Luke

    The golf simulator’s a great touch!

  26. Amber

    Love the vacation vibes!

  27. Monique

    The design of this space really makes you think desert spa retreat. The colors, the final touches of the space, and the artwork make this such an inviting location.

  28. David Garcia

    Beautiful design and such awesome textures and colors. Really brightens up the area!

  29. Ashley Achleithner

    This space is absolutely stunning with all the textures and color, especially the level of detail! There is something that catches your eye around every corner.


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