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Murals at Belmont Park

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Belmont Park is a historic part of San Diego that attracts visitors and locals alike. Built in 1925, the beachfront amusement park has recently implemented a mural program, bringing vibrancy and color to the park. The mural program started in 2022 as part of the launch of their spring festival, Belmont in Bloom. During this festival alone, Belmont Park was able to highlight over 65 artists and completed 5 large murals throughout the park. One of the most popular and most photographed murals at Belmont Park is located in front of Sweet Shoppe and created by local artist, Stefanie Bales. Inspired by the ice cream parlor’s existing branding, Bales set out to preserve the classy ambiance while also adding a modern touch. Belmont Park invests a large part of its efforts into live art events, art classes for the public and new art installations around the park, breathing life into dormant areas and adding photo opportunities at every corner. The mission continues annually as a part of Belmont in Bloom, where the park seeks to bring more beauty and color to the local San Diego community with the help of talented artists from the city. 

3146 Mission Blvd

Project Owner/Developer:
PE Management Group Inc.

Contact Name/Email:
Sarah Abelsohn / sabelsohn@pemginc.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Sweet Shoppe Muralist: Stefanie Bales / Supplying Good Vibes Muralist: Cori Alsbrooks

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  1. Melissa


  2. Jeannine Savory

    Love love love t

  3. Jodie Alonso

    Stefanie Bales mural is such a wonderful addition to Belmont Park.

  4. Aaron Briwn

    Stefanie Bales continues to make her mark on San Diego! Amazing work!

  5. Michelle Nemeth

    Beautiful art work Stephanie.

    • Maureen

      Love so much and fits so well in the area!

  6. Joanie Marcus

    How beautiful!

    I love that mural!

    It has a vintage feel to it and the colors are so bright and happy— perfect for a beach and amusement area!

  7. Vittoria Di Palma

    Stefanie’s murals are so beautiful! Definitely looking at these murals in person soon 🙂

  8. Hope Pinc

    THE BEST most beautiful addition to Belmont park!

  9. ViviAnne Krause

    What beautiful work ! You are a very talented artist.


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