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ORA @ Pacific Station, Encinitas

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ORA @ Pacific Station, Encinitas reactivates 25,000 SF of street front retail, and indoor and outdoor office space within an existing mixed-use development. The design concept is rooted in the idea of emulating urban boardwalks and beacons through which light, art and color invigorate and reenergize a formerly unoccupied space. Unique pedestrian entries, circulation paths, resting places and viewpoints are merged seamlessly, improving user navigation and offering a sense of security and tranquility.

Building occupants have access to natural daylight and nature through the implementation of floor-to-ceiling storefront glazing and enhanced circulation with biophilic greenery and natural materials. In addition, a former shipping and receiving area was converted to an exterior amenity deck offering generous access to the outdoors for play, opportunities for interaction with colorful art and plantings, and options for more private, focused indoor/outdoor work.

The street level façade was redesigned with energizing locally-designed art, wood-clad portals and other natural materials authentic to the free-spirited beach community. Through thoughtful use of lighting and signage, the new office spaces and storefronts are aesthetically compatible with the existing residential units above.

687 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

Project Owner/Developer:
RAF Pacifica Group

Contact Name/Email:
Megan Skaalen ~ megan.skaalen@smithgroup.com

Project Architect/Designer:

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  1. Paige J

    The color used in these spaces is amazing! Brings new life to Encinitas!

  2. Alex Leadon

    A beautiful space with interesting use of materials. This is a truly striking update to the Encinitas community.

  3. Scott Adams

    Absolutely beautiful architecture. Nicely done!

  4. Kevin

    Smith group rocks!

  5. Midory Esquer

    Super fun space!! And the lighting looks awesome!


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