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Orli La Jolla

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Orli La Jolla, a 13-room hospitality concept that blurs the line between 5-star hotel and homestay, is a wonderful example of placemaking design that showcases how a modern hotel can honor its past and celebrate its geographic legacy. Orli is located in a transformed 1910-era private residence originally designed by California architect Irving Gill, that until recently, has been run as a bed & breakfast.  Orli creates a harmonious relationship between the historic importance of the property, the previous B&B footprint, and modern guest demands. Throughout Orli you’ll find nods to Gill’s architectural style and early 20th century design, as well as iconic elements inspired by La Jolla’s history and natural beauty, like the custom hand-blown chandeliers that emulate the nearby tide pools, and sleek, high-tech features that bring the historic property into the modern era.

With a hyper-local focus, Orli integrates community-focused events and partnerships, encouraging social interaction like music events, yoga and pilates classes, and mini markets that feature local businesses.

As a first-of-its-kind hospitality model, Orli La Jolla is not only pioneering a new way for discerning travelers to experience this iconic coastal town, but also honoring the area’s rich history, adding character, and fostering community.

7753 Draper Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037

Project Owner/Developer:
Max & Hailey Waitt / Trouvaille Group

Contact Name/Email:
Hailey Waitt / hailey@stayorli.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Axon Architecture / ML Design Co

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  1. Melissa Kirchberg

    Classic, beautiful, inviting design.

    • Alex Soria

      Stunning and architecturally perfect in my opinion! Nailed it guys

  2. laura perry

    STUNNING interiors! I would love to stay here.

  3. Daphne Flax

    We thoroughly enjoyed the bespoke appointments and comfort at hotel Orli . The staff were great

  4. Katelyn Mayne

    One of my favorite places that I’ve ever stayed at! So chic and modern! Everyone who works here are amazing as well! Highly recommend this boutique hotel!

  5. Trevor Barber

    This place is worthy of recognition. What vision and execution!

  6. Silvia Zulema Charafeddine


  7. Silvia

    Love it

  8. Silvia

    Love it

  9. PATTI

    Beautifully designed for a comfortable stay.

    • Janice Christensen

      Beautiful boutique hotel . Stunning design , great atmosphere. I can’t wait to stay there again.

  10. Lori Schindler

    Orli is a one of a kind property in a jewel of a city. Every detail has been considered with design and service.

  11. Meg Rust


  12. Nicole Ray

    Stunning!! My favorite stay in San Diego by far


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