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Pacific Center Campus Research + Development Building

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Pacific Center Campus Development – Research + Development Building is designed around one notion: human nature. From turning a fundamentally vehicle-oriented campus into a pedestrian-focused one, to creating buildings with multiple typologies that address a myriad of working styles, to scaled outdoor spaces connected to canyons beyond — this campus comes alive through human interaction. The Research and Development Building (R+D) in the Pacific Center Campus Development (PCCD) is a human-centered facility that upends the traditional notion of the workplace. It is designed to engage nature to ventilate, illuminate, inspire, and provide food and employ people, their greatest asset, in the creation of a workplace culture that nurtures mobility, flexibility, activity, wellness, focus and growth.

The Research and Development (R+D) Building was designed to transform an existing corporate campus into a highly collaborative research environment to foster innovation and discovery, and attract the top 2% of engineering talent. The new 357,000 square foot research building optimizes passive design strategies to achieve high-performance results while enhancing the interior environments for innovation and productivity. The building’s east/west solar orientation and narrow floor plates promote natural ventilation and daylighting, and a high-performance façade design controls heat gain and glare. The building is LEED Gold certified and is one of the largest buildings in the county to utilize natural ventilation. Thermal mass was utilized with its exposed concrete moment frame to provide thermal comfort, control vibration for research spaces and provide future flexibility. The R+D Building accommodates office, conference, and laboratory research spaces. Interior environments focus on enhancing employees’ individual spaces while promoting health and wellness by utilizing active building strategies with its open circulation systems and exterior collaboration decks.

The design capitalizes on the nearby canyon trails that wind through the campus and creates outdoor lobbies/atriums that make the outdoors as integral to the overall campus as the indoors. This approach expands the usable space into a series of areas in which employees can work, relax, and engage. In addition to establishing connections to nature, the R+D Building needed to establish connections between people. The layout draws employees away from their individual workstations towards spontaneous interactions with each other. In order to transition from offices to the dry laboratory, employees pass through several collaboration zones. Interior colors and finishes were intentionally selected to support and inspire the interior environments.

10001 Pacific Heights Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

Project Owner/Developer:

Contact Name/Email:
Phil Lisotta plisotta@qualcomm.com

Project Architect/Designer:
BNIM Architects

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