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Pacific Sky School

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  Public Architecture

This 65,000 square foot K-6 elementary school accommodates approximately 450 students on a 10-acre site. Inspired by the neighboring canyon, the design incorporates concrete masonry, exposed heavy timber structure, and ample glazing for durability and a natural connection to the site. Indoor/outdoor learning spaces with Biophilic interventions encourage growth and overall development.

The Innovation Center offers flexible areas for robotics, computers, presentations, and reading nooks. Circulation spaces become breakout learning zones, and the traditional library space stretches throughout the campus. Classrooms feature large glazed bifold doors for seamless collaboration with outdoor spaces, inspired by students’ connection with nature.

The design focuses on students’ movement and development as positive influences. Universal Design principles incorporate sloped walkways and ramps indoors and outdoors for equal access and learning opportunities.

Sustainability is prioritized, meeting Green Building Code and CHPS standards. Clerestory windows, large glazed openings for natural ventilation and daylight, concrete masonry walls, efficient landscaping and irrigation systems, and stormwater retention basins blend practicality with architectural and natural beauty on the site.

In conclusion, this elementary school fosters student growth in a nurturing environment that embraces learning, connectivity with nature, and positive impacts on the world. It embodies innovation, sustainability, and a student-centered approach.

6631 Solterra Vista Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92130

Project Owner/Developer:
Del Mar Union School District

Contact Name/Email:
Chris Delehanty, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services | cdelehanty@dmusd.org

Project Architect/Designer:

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  1. Katie Schell

    This school is basically a playground. All the kids want to go there!

  2. Kristina Sale

    Beautiful school!

  3. Francisco J Garcia

    Love the materiality and spatial directionality of this project.

  4. Marie Williams

    This project is so special and is a prime example of what educational spaces can and should be – both aesthetically and functionally!

  5. Anney Hall

    An incredible transformation for schools, how cool for kids to be able to walk through this open space and have that also be classroom. Looks awesome.

  6. Melody Williams

    Very nice and open. I’m sure it’s going to be enjoyed. Keep up the good work.

  7. Sarah Chitwood

    great indoor/outdoor learning spaces!

  8. Mark C Nelson

    Wow! Just wow. It’s unreal how cool this is. Lucky kids!

  9. Ayisha

    This space is inspiring to me as an adult. I can only imagine how the students who attend must feel. Beautiful, thoughtful design. Great work!

  10. Deven Sagar

    Feel lucky to have my son got to Pacific sky


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