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Paradisaea Restaurant – Iconic Piano Building

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  Interior Design

Perched on the corner of La Jolla Boulevard and Bird Rock Avenue, Paradisaea is a haven for culinary pleasure seekers and those seduced by the laid-back vibe synonymous with California coastal culture. The owners sought out local artists to provide many of the touches/pops of vibrant color and custom materials that bring this design to life.

Paradisaea’s logo, designed by co-owner Eric Kleinbub, adorns a neon pink sign marking the entrance to Paradisaea, casting a warm glow against hand-made tiles by Josh Herman mimicking volcanic rock. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a mirrored glass beverage pillar anchoring the sandy-colored travertine and glass paneled bar. Grass cloth wallpaper and white oak battens line the surrounding walls, guiding guests past a capiz shell curtain into the main dining area. A large tropical mural painted by artist Eva Struble adorns the back wall with custom tables made by Josh Herman.

Special care was taken to honor the building’s unique mid-century geometry, while blending natural materials and textiles that exude the tranquil vibe. The contrast is apparent in the exterior geometric façade and the sweeping curve of its iconic roof shape against the whimsical yet sophisticated interiors that creates a dreamlike culinary escape.

5680 La Jolla Boulevard

Project Owner/Developer:
Birdfood Restaurant Group / Piano Building Ventures

Contact Name/Email:
Zoe Kleinbub / zzaitze@aol.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Georgis & Mirgorodsky (Interiors & Design) / Arista Architects (Building Shell)

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  1. Melanie Blair

    Love walking into this jaw-dropping space, truly gorgeous design choices – modern, welcoming, chic…can’t say enough great things.

  2. Eric Kleinbub

    Amazingly unique space. Both beautiful and welcoming.

  3. William Georgis

    Georgis & Mirgorodsky is honored to have been involved with the interior architecture and design of Paradisaea.

  4. Petra Ives

    What a beautiful, unique space. And that color palette. Yummy!

  5. Jennifer Findley

    Love it. So chic and smart. Come for the design, stay for the food and drinks.

  6. Tom Klopack

    The custom mural is great. Lovely space to relax and enjoy incredible food.

  7. Nyah Aguayo

    The ambiance here is so fresh and inviting plus the food is incredible!

  8. Christian Kleinbub

    Unique and wonderful food–best place in the city!

  9. Russ Ives

    Congrats on a unique add to San Diego dining.

    A very different and creative atmosphere with superbe food to match.

  10. Alli Thurman

    Walking into Paradisaea is truly a pleasure. The atmosphere is so tastefully designed you never want to leave.


    beautiful beyond belief

  12. Fred Kleinbub

    Love going here. So warm and friendly

  13. Alexis

    We love Paradisaea! The menu in unique and delicious, and the atmosphere is incredible.

  14. Ashley Martino

    Beautiful place,amazing food

  15. Dale C

    Truly great looking space

  16. Josie

    Beautiful ambiance with delicious cuisine.


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