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The Park Mixed Use – Bankers Hill

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While not so keen on the rapid pace of Banker’s Hill development (please don’t let what happened to Little Italy, aka the new Gaslamp, happen here), I was excited when they poured the concrete for The Park. It seemed to have great promise. Then they added more… stuff. And more. And more. Like the distracting stone. SO much. I can see maybe some as accent, but now it looks like a mishmash of elements. It’s just. Too. Much. Granted, it’s not the worst (ahem Pinnacle), that doesn’t lessen the disappointment. Then there are the two commercial spaces –  one is going to a realtor. I think they’re missing the point of ground floor commercial. Sad. Maybe a San Diego architect could have better pegged it better. Just sayin’.


3104 Fourth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103

Project Owner/Developer:

Contact Name/Email:
Brad Termini / Brad@zephyrpartners.com

Project Architect/Designer:

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