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Parker Place

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Parker Place, designed by DBRDS and documented by Sillman, is a 34-unit modern apartment building in the heart of Golden Hill. The design concept features multiple smaller 3-story boxes that follow the steep grade of Broadway, reducing the overall bulk and scale of the structure so that it better sits within the smaller-scale context of the surrounding neighborhood. It’s a striking design, capped by a dramatic rooftop trellis and overhang that frames views to the city for the residents. Each unit, including the affordable units, features deep outdoor balconies and natural cross ventilation through the employment of a large central open-air atrium. Despite being in the Parking Standards area where no residential parking is required, each unit is provided with a basement level parking space.

2828 Broadway

Project Owner/Developer:
The South Parker, LLC

Contact Name/Email:
Bennet Greenwald

Project Architect/Designer:
Sillman | DBRDS

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