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Phantom Floor GFA calculations must go! (policy nomination)

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§113.0234 – Calculating Gross Floor Area

This entire SDMC code section is about limitations. Limitations on the buildable area which in turn limit design options resulting in a reduced quality of architecture & spaces. An example of the nonsense of this code section is phantom floor GFA calculations, illustrated in Diagrams 113-02R and 113-02S. This regulation limits floor-to-floor heights & sloped ceilings should you wish to use real GFA elsewhere, resulting in a loss of buildable area if you design taller ceilings (to create mezzanines or loft spaces) or dynamic pitched roofs. This is an arbitrary regulation that needs review – it’s limiting developable floor area which can result in a loss of housing (as an extreme example) and/or less expressive building/roof forms.


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