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Queenstown Village

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  Interior Design

Integrating unique and whimsical designs, Queenstown Village features a variety of guest experiences. A cozy cocktail corner dubbed the Crystal Cove (a nod to La Jolla Cove) affords guests an opportunity to sit under a canopy of kelp and shimmering glass lanterns whereas the energized “Sheep-Easy”, a sleek lounge wrapped in dramatic drapery, hammered metal mirrors and Queenstown’s signature sheep floating overhead, provides a stimulating visual display. Moss covered with a massive, suspended floral and greenery filled chandelier, the expansive Grand Pavilion serves as the main dining room, featuring a mix of communal high top tables and oversized upholstered booths. Stilted Greenhouses with cascading orchids and oversized rattan porch chairs offer up quiet retreat, welcoming guests to relax and reflect on the delicate details and serene surroundings.

The exterior of the property features a welcoming, curbside café/bar veranda where locals and tourists alike can lounge amongst potted citrus trees and enjoy an alfresco meal, coffee or cocktail under colorful parasol umbrellas.

From a featured quote by San Diego’s own Dr. Seuss “Fantasy is a Necessary Ingredient to Living” to hanging fixtures adorned with abalone shells, to mirrors with graphic depictions of hops that reference the vibrant beer culture and the site’s past life as a brewery, the property infuses multiple hidden local references which pay respect to the history of La Jolla and the local culture.

1044 Wall St Suite C San diego Ca 92037

Project Owner/Developer:
Phillip Lamont/Matt Baker

Contact Name/Email:
Phillip Lamont PJ@queenstownpublichouse.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Onairos Design / Michael Soriano

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  1. Joe Archambault

    All of the fine details in every wall, corner, ceiling, and component specifics all coming together are a true reflection as to why this venue should win the design award. Great job to the team that brought this together via Michael Soriano, PJ, Matt, Kyle, and Equity Builders, inc

    • Nilla Hamilton

      Looks wonderful

  2. Kavon Tillotson

    Great venue with a dining area for every occasion! Can’t wait for my next visit.

  3. wolf Bielas

    love the design

  4. Amnon Altman

    Inexperienced waiters and poor service. Food ok but not great.

  5. Cathleen Edging

    Wow, it looks gorgeous! I live in Point Loma so I go to Raglands all the time, but will surely venture to La Jolla and eat at the new addition to the Queenstown family.

  6. Miki Beckler

    I absolutely love this lil gem. I adore the atmosphere. Nothing beats a splendid date night accompanied by outstanding food and drinks!

  7. Sherry Hayward

    pretty as a flower

  8. Steve Vanzant

    Love this location! The design is beautiful and cozy. It’s our new favorite. Of course the Little Italy location is nice too but this one is awesome. We had one of our best dinners at this location

    • Jonny Hoolko

      The design is gorgeous. The attention to detail is very much appreciated and made for a delightful dining experience here!

  9. Steve Vanzant

    Love this location! The design is beautiful and cozy. It’s our new favorite. Of course the Little Italy location is nice too but this one is awesome. We had one of our best dinners at this restaurant

  10. Maurice Federle

    The smart design choices along with all the whimsical design elements brings a breath of fresh air to the La Jolla neighborhood

  11. Charles Amaro

    Love the gluten free buns

  12. Kenneth Hall

    A very desirable environment. A few of the chairs/stools don’t look that comfortable though

  13. Sissy Mac Allister

    Beautiful space

  14. Tyson Crawford

    The space transform you into a paradise. Immersed in beauty and nature, this is an experience you will not forget. Walk around and try to find every detail.


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