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Rex’s Roar at The San Diego Zoo

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Rex’s Roar is a 5,000-square foot site renovation, built by Swinerton, at the front entrance of the San Diego Zoo. The focal point of the project is the 10-ton, 27-foot-tall bronze sculpture of Rex the lion landing on one paw. This fascinating cantilevered structure is made possible by the large 50-ton footing on which Rex rests his paw, and by his stainless steel skeletal frame which supports the 200 bronze pieces that make up his body.

Rex is surrounded by multiple bronze animals such as flamingos, turtles, meerkats, and even an alligator. These animals, embedded in the architectural concrete with colorful glass aggregate, help illustrate Dr. Harry Wegeforth’s (the zoo’s founder) dream of uniting people with wildlife.

The statue of the ferocious feline helps conclude the zoo’s centennial celebration and it alludes to the story of how the zoo was started in San Diego. As the story goes, back in 1915 a male lion named Rex arrived in San Diego as part of the Panama-California International Exposition. After the exposition ended, Rex and several other animals were living in cages along what is now Park Boulevard. One day, Dr. Harry Wegeforth and his brother Paul were driving past Balboa Park when they heard a powerful roar. It was then that Dr. Wegeforth was struck with the idea of creating a zoo in San Diego.

Rex now stands proudly at the main entrance of one of the most prestigious zoos in the world and has become the symbol of the zoo’s efforts in wildlife education and conservation.

2920 Zoo Dr., San Diego CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego Zoo Global

Contact Name/Email:
Kambiz Mehrafshani / kmehrafshani@sandiegozoo.org

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  1. Deb Porter

    I love it………

  2. beckyscheible

    Really impressive sculpture!

  3. Jeana Kim Renger

    This is an iconic addition to the San Diego zoo. It’s dramatic to see this towering sculpture at the entrance of the zoo!

  4. Allan Trowbridge

    Rex is an awesome display that creates excitement and anticipation as visitors make their way into the zoo.

  5. Evy Lopez

    This sculpture is a MUST SEE especially when taking into consideration the engineering it took to achieve Rex’s pose.

  6. Lauren Wurst

    This dynamic sculpture changes the face of the San Diego Zoo!

  7. Sovanarry Phy

    The size of this statue is amazing! It definitely stands strong and loud in the public! Which is such a great spot to take pictures in!

  8. Jill Lopez

    Impressive! So fun!

  9. Alyssa Demere

    Just saw this and marveled. So did my kids-awesome and amazing.

  10. notimeforit

    Welcome to MGM?


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