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San Elijo Lagoon Pedestrian Bridge

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Suspended from Interstate 5 above, the San Elijo Lagoon Pedestrian Bridge spans the lagoon between Encinitas and Cardiff, providing pedestrian access to trails along the shore. This experimental bridge utilizes the new highway structure, providing a unique solution for safe pedestrian and bike traffic, with exciting potential for future application alongside other highway structures for pedestrians and wildlife.

Isolated from the busy interstate, the San Elijo Lagoon Bridge allows visitors to access and enjoy the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the protected lagoon. The bridge also serves as a key point of connection, linking several walking and biking trails that were formally impassable.

The suspension bridge was made alongside the I-5 highway crossing as a part of the North Coast Corridor Program, which will improve highway, rail, bike, and pedestrian mobility along the 27-mile corridor from La Jolla to Oceanside. Celebrating the lagoon, the ocean, and the sunset, the bridge offers a new experience for pedestrian crossings in San Diego.

In collaboration with TY Lin.

San Elijo Lagoon, Carlsbad, CA

Project Owner/Developer:
NCTD / Build NCC

Project Architect/Designer:
Safdie Rabines Architects & TY Lin

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  1. Anonymous

    Pretty sure the owner is Caltrans/SANDAG. Build NCC doesn’t own anything, it’s a construction project name.


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