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SDSU Aztec Recreation Center

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SDSU sought to expand its recreation facility to offer a holistic wellness experience and a place that would serve as a “living room” for the West side of campus. Inspired by the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, the goal was to renovate and expand the ARC to be more than a place to just work out, offering a full range of wellness activities and spaces that were not offered before. Besides physical health (state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and trainers), the intention for the new ARC was to be a space for mental and emotional wellness (lounges and generous spaces for interacting and building relationships and connections), academic support (study and discussion spaces), and spiritual connection (quiet lounge and yoga classes for introspection), all while operating sustainably and achieving LEED Platinum with the input of student organizations. Students from SDSU’s Green Love and Live Well initiatives worked directly with the design firm, attending weekly project meetings to provide input on the reimagined facility. It was a transparent and open process from the beginning, and students were specifically designated to be the voice for their peers, making sure the design firm was conscious of, and incorporating, their priorities for the building.

5301 55th St, San Diego, CA 92182

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego State University, Associated Students

Contact Name/Email:
Dave Wang ~ dave.wang@smithgroup.com

Project Architect/Designer:

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  1. Paige J

    I’ve never seen a more crowded college rec center! They love the new ARC!

  2. Kevin

    Smith Group!

  3. Ginger King

    Congratulations on the nomination SmithGroup! I had fun being apart of the team working on this project!


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