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Sullivan Companion Unit (ADU on Single-Family Zoned Property)

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This ADU in Kensington is an excellent example of how the city can — and should — encourage the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in our established neighborhoods. 

This two-story ADU blends well with the existing home, and has nice design elements. A stylish wooden gate across the driveway provides privacy. The unit includes a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.
A neighbor said the homeowner, Mark Sullivan )(since deceased)used the ADU for a study and “man-cave”. Sullivan demolished the existing garage, but kept a portion of the driveway with room to park an vehicle, if the unit were to be rented out or occupied by a family member.
This ADU should serve as a model for similar ADU construction, especially in neighborhoods with historic and architecturally significant or interesting homes.

4224 Madison Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

Project Owner/Developer:
Mark A. Sullivan (deceased)

Project Architect/Designer:
Beau Harris, Contractor (according to city permits)

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