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The Starter

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The Starter is a 2 unit development that nests itself into the surrounding neighborhood along the canyon. It takes the form of a sustainable, 3-story duplex Accessory Dwelling Unit, behind a single-family residence, in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego. The lower unit is grounded to the sloping site with outdoor spaces that feel protected and intimate. The upper unit has an expansive deck with views across Florida Canyon. A terraced outdoor space at ground level is a threshold that balances the privacy of the units from the street, with the front residence, while still allowing the occupants direct access to their very walkable community.

The Starter demonstrates an alternate development strategy that can be undertaken, by-right, across thousands of smaller sites throughout the city, in a distributed approach that is thoughtful and impactful. As Architect and Developer we took matters into our own hands to intelligently weave density into an existing neighborhood on a smaller, challenging site that most developers would not touch. This approach works in established neighborhoods, so amenities are already a short walk away, which further reduces development costs.

1917-1919 Florida Ct

Project Owner/Developer:
Brandon & Kirsten Blakeman

Project Architect/Designer:
Workshop B Architects, inc

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  1. Johan

    I live near here and no matter how white and clean of a paint, this ‘thing’ is not architecture. The proportions are off, it’s not thinking of the community, and a lot of the design seems like an after thought. There are some materials that are nice, but I think it’s trying to too hard and it seems off. There is something about it that is not welcoming and genuine. It lacks privacy to anyone living near it and inside of it. Just because it’s a starter doesn’t mean one should lose the basic needs of a home. I hope this doesn’t become the new standard.

  2. Ruben

    For the previous comment: My understanding, is that it’s still under the umbrella of minimalist design. Some people like it others will differ.


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