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The Starter

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The Starter is a 3-story duplex behind an existing single-family residence in the North Park, San Diego, CA.  In response to the sloping site, the duplex is lifted, giving the sense that it hovers above the landscape while minimizing site disturbance. The units are nested within each other with the bedrooms for each unit on the second level.  The first level is living for one unit and the third level is living for the other unit.  One unit is grounded to the site with outdoor spaces that feel protected and intimate while the other unit has an expansive deck with views across Florida Canyon.  A terraced outdoor space at ground level is a threshold between the public and private realm. 

The Starter strategically layers efficient living space and ample outdoor space with progressive architecture that is integrated into the site and community.  The building becomes a beacon to the neighborhood while nestling itself into the surrounding residential buildings along the canyon. 

This project is a case study in developing a site as a mindful response to the community.  We understood the minimums needed to create an economically feasible project and then pushed the building to the maximum of design and response to the surroundings.

The Starter creates equity through architecture.  At a micro level, it is housing that promotes a sense of community.  The outdoor spaces, both public and private, encourage interaction and a feeling that the spaces are open to all.  At a macro level, incremental development alleviates stress on the housing system and densifies existing properties within communities that have a large, varied socio-economic and demographic makeup.

1915-1919 Florida Ct

Project Owner/Developer:
Brandon & Kirsten Blakeman

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
Workshop B, inc

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