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UCSD Mandeville Art Gallery

Mandeville Art Gallery at UCSD
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The Art Gallery has anchored the west end of the Mandeville Center at UC San Diego since its construction in 1969. Conceived originally as a place to display student and faculty work, the gallery has had an internal role in the life of the campus. The University, though, envisioned an expansion of the gallery’s presence in the larger community, a venue to display visiting National and International artists, the integration of new media, and an anchoring connection to a new Arts & Culture corridor across the campus. To satisfy these desires, the existing gallery was completely renovated internally including new systems and a new “Video Porch” added. This porch, a steel framework that mimics the defining forms of the Mandeville Center, is a pre-function and outside lobby space, an overlook to the major north/south pedestrian promenade on campus, and a support for a large media-mesh display for commissioned media art. The media-mesh display serves as a beacon through campus and is visible from off-campus to the west.

9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093

Project Owner/Developer:
University of California San Diego

Contact Name/Email:
Brad Phipps / bphipps@ucsd.edu

Project Architect/Designer:
Studio E Architects / Lighting Designer The Syska Hennessey Group

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  1. Susan Naslund

    A beautiful and inviting addition to my alma mater!

  2. Michael Dennis

    Great project

  3. jeff durkin

    a nice intervention…I used to work in that building and it was always empty and now there is motion, and some art to focus your attention on….And it’s perfect with the landscape and seating connection in the front portion…


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