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UCSD SIO Health Sciences Body Donor Memorial

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  Landscape Architecture

The UCSD SIO Health Sciences Body Donor Memorial is a site of commemoration and reflection on lives of donors who have donated their bodies to science as well as a tribute to the legacy they leave behind to science, their philosophy and values to their local community and the human race in thes universe. Located on the bluffs in La Jolla, California the site offers a loci of points that are interpreted in the design of the memorial as a compass of location of place, passage of time, and philosophy/spirituality. 7 miles off Scripps Pier lies the resting place where the ashes of donors are released. The memorial serves as a gathering space for friends and family to remember their loved ones. The medallion on the site works in conjunction with datums aligning to the solstice and equinox throughout the year marked by split boulders. The vegetation consists of sculptural and ornamental planting local to the coast bluffs of San Diego and Torrey pines. The circular forms of the space is also a reference to the Kumeyaay lifecycle and look to the sky to the universe beyond.

8860 Biological Grade, San Diego, CA

Project Owner/Developer:

Contact Name/Email:
Aaron Cooley / acooley@ucsd.edu

Project Architect/Designer:
landLAB Landscape Architecture

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