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University Terrace East Addition – Multi-family Residences

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In 2016, the owners broke ground on their renovation. The first phase was to demolish a parking lot and construct an 18 unit apartment building with underground parking. The building is composed of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units which are geared towards families. This design blends a modern architectural style with design elements of the existing complex. The common area includes a gym and study room.

The second phase renovated the common area of the balance of the site while also addressing deferred maintenance. The focus of the renovation was to provide amenities that are family oriented. A playground, dog park and barbeque area were added to the project. The volleyball court was replaced with a new court of regulation size. The rich palate of colors used in the complex and the large landscaped areas create a pleasant environment for the families living there. The “walk-up” style apartments feel more like single family homes than high density apartments.

This project does an excellent job of providing housing that is affordable to the majority of most San Diegans without sacrificing the quality of life typically associated with dense, urban living. It provides an environment where families can live together and interact as a community.


In 1985, University Terrace East, LP (UTE) constructed a 75 unit apartment complex on Genesee Cove, an appendix of Genesee Avenue, in the University City neighborhood. Like most apartment complexes built in the 1980s, the target demographic was young, single professionals looking to share an apartment. The complex was designed to accommodate their needs: one and two-bedroom units, with amenities such as a 15 station “fit trail” exercise path, pool, volleyball court and barbecue area.

In the 30 years that have passed since the project was first built, the rental market in San Diego has changed. One major trend has been the rising cost of single family homes. More and more families can no longer afford a house, so they look instead for apartment housing within suitable school districts. Since University Terrace East is surrounded by three schools, it provides an excellent opportunity for tenants to enroll their children in a high-quality schools. Another trend is that a growing contingent of the population now prefers to live in an urban environment where they can enjoy an active social lifestyle, surrounded by stores, restaurants, bars, museums, parks, etc. and they are willing to live in an apartment rather than a house in a suburban area.

As more and more families started to rent at University Terrace East, the owners felt the need to tailor the complex to suit their needs. In 2013, the owners decided to face this problem by renovating the complex to tailor it to families. At this time they also decided to take advantage of unused density and increase the number of apartments in the complex.


5200 – 5245 Genesee Cove, San Diego, CA 92121

Project Owner/Developer:
University Terrace East, LP

Contact Name/Email:
Luigi Angelucci / luigi@sdtag.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Augusto Angelucci, AIA

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  1. Luigi Angelucci

    What a great project to be a part of! When we started this project, our goal was to provide an environment where families could live in a community building relationships rather than just a plain old apartment complex. It is a great pleasure to walk through the complex and see our tenants congregating at the BBQ area while children play in the playground or seeing neighbors chatting around the grill or at the dog park, surrounded by beautiful buildings in a lush green (but still water efficient) landscaping.

    When we completed this project, we threw a tenant appreciation party to thank everyone for being patient during construction. Every tenant that I spoke to at the event thanked us for the work we did to renovate the complex and for providing them a safe, fun happy place for them to live in. These projects take a lot of time, effort and produce a lot of stress. After hearing how happy our tenants are to live at University Terrace East / La Jolla Park East, I would do it all again in a heart beat. I can’t think of a better reward than their laughter and happiness.

    I would like to thank the San Diego Architectural Foundation for considering us for an Orchid.

  2. Tito

    I enjoy working at this garden like property with friendly residents. It is a pleasure to see them interacting as a community. Everyday when I come to work I am proud to have helped create this beautiful property.

  3. Skylar

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Erina Angelucci

    What a great design! Looks like it’s perfect for families.

  5. dulce rocha

    The design is great for my family of five! I love that there is an area designated for my dog Pixxi!

  6. Eveliin Aguilar Alatorre

    Love that this place has a great area for our family to have picnics 🙂

  7. Nicole Roman

    It’s an affordable family oriented complex walking distance to award winning schools!

  8. Sandy Drummey

    Amazing use of the area. We utilize the pet walk, volley ball courts and picnic facilities at every opportunity!

  9. fred391

    Great Job. Family Oriented with great amenities. The addition up grades the existing complex.

  10. Robin Silva

    I would have to agree with the rest of the comments made! They did a fantastic job with the addition, the utilization of space and amenities provided to the residents living here. What a great place to live being single or with a family! Love this location!

  11. Marie Hobden

    I love this design! What a nice spot for families!

  12. Joanna M. Bronkema

    I like the homey style.

  13. Doreen Crawford

    The Project was well done, and the update to the space and amenities are excellent! Great location too! Thank you!!!

  14. Sharma

    Beautiful addition to the community! My family and I have been residents for 3 years and we enjoying all the new amenities. Thank you!

  15. Nam

    This community is great and close to everything.

  16. Larry

    Our family is greatly enjoying the new amenities and upgrades to the community. Thank you!

  17. Ghazia

    Love living in this community! Great Residents and Staff, close to everything and wonderful new amenities!

  18. Danielle Cieri

    Love the location and the new style!!

  19. Erica Basa

    Absolutely LOVE the volleyball court and dog park!

  20. Elena

    I been in this community for over 2 years. I original lived on the existing community, but transfer to the new beautiful building as soon as it was completed! By far the best community I have ever lived at! Great location, wonderful staff and Manager, amazing new amenities! I have two small dogs and they enjoy the dog park tremendously! Thank you!

  21. Daniela

    I used to live here before I moved out of state. This is a beautiful community!! Teresa was in the office was wonderful and super helpful. Great community for a family as I always felt safe and at home. 12/10 would recommend.

  22. Ernie

    Clean, quiet and beautiful community close to all stores and freeways! Couldn’t ask for a better place to live at. Thank you for all for continuously thinking on ways to improve and beautify the community.

  23. Meg Haus

    Amazing and beautiful!

  24. Karla

    Beautiful apartments! Thank you for allowing me to part be part of the community!

  25. Teresa

    As the Manager of this amazing community, it’s an honor to have been a part of this great project.

    There is nothing more satisfying than to hear from residents, neighbors, and nearby businesses how beautiful our new addition is, and how much they appreciate the renovations to the complex.

    It is very satisfying to see our residents enjoying all the great amenities with their families and neighbors.

  26. David Marshall

    Um. No.

  27. Santiago

    It is a great community to work for. As a Landscaper to this Community, It is very rewarding to come to work everyday to a beautiful lush green garden.

  28. Paty

    I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to live in such a beautiful community!

  29. Oscar

    Great job on all the upgrades!

  30. Juanita

    Love taking my dog to the new dog park, she really enjoys having the freedom to run around with her new furry friends.

  31. Jenny

    We love living at La Jolla Park East Apartments! We get many compliments on our new apartment from our friends and families. I personally love my big high ceilings, huge bathrooms and the tiles in my apartment!

  32. EM

    Bravo!!! What an amazing job!!! Thank you!

  33. Juliana

    We love the new amenities! It was very nice enjoying the holiday with my family while barbacuing and seeing my kids play at the new playground!

  34. Gupta

    My wife has been enjoying the new gym tremendously.

  35. Gupta

    Congratulations on this awesome and well deserved nomination!

  36. Ranhit

    Great job on the new addition and renovations!

  37. Mayank

    My family and I really enjoy living in this great community.

  38. Daniel

    Great community and great place to live at!

  39. Benjamin

    Great job, congratulations!

  40. Jason

    beautiful apartments and landscape. I love being a resident!

  41. Diana

    New building is unbelievable! Love the fact that all schools and stores are nearby. It is nice to have the children doing their homework in the study room while I enjoy the gym… Thank you!

  42. Azael

    Beautiful spacious apartments!

  43. MG

    Beautiful and clean apartment community. We really appreciate the owners efforts to make this community an even better place to live at. Thank you for all the great amenities additions!

  44. Arti

    Great community, I really enjoy living here.

  45. Marino Gonzalez

    The upgrades to the property really have made it an even better place to live.

  46. Patrick

    Nice to join a community where all the kids can gather in one area as well as the adults.

  47. MG

    A great place to live, upgrades made it even better.

  48. Leah

    This complex is very family friendly and I can walk my kids to school.

  49. Celi

    As a Manager from a business around the corner from the property, I have been able to witness on the amazing transformation of this property. Great job and congratulations on this nomination!

  50. Holly

    Nothing but great things to say about this place! It’s clean, peaceful, and I am proud to call it home. The staff goes above and beyond to make all of us feel individually valued. I love it here!

  51. Diane

    Love to live 5 minutes from work! No commute no freeways! Close to Miramar, Mira Mesa and UTC. Super clean and spacious apartments with a huge pool, volleyball court, bbq area, new play area for children, gym and vaulted ceilings. I love that at&t has fiber in the area. I almost forgot, they have a pet park area! You won’t regret it. Teresa the apartment manager/sales is a gem!

  52. Catherine

    Beautiful and clean property!

  53. Daniel

    As a Maintenance Technician, I am constantly getting positive comments about the community and amenities. I been in this industry for many years and by far this has been the best family atmosphere community I have ever worked for.

  54. Lidia C.

    Great friendly community to live at.

  55. Stefano Spadoni

    Great job! A project full of poetry. Typically Mediterranean mood.

  56. Efrain

    As an landscaper employee, it is very satisfying getting positive comments on a daily basis on how wonderful the community is and how much they appreciate our hard work.

  57. Paul T James

    Congratulations, the place looks awesome!

  58. Deborah Ernst Guss

    A great accomplishment : beautiful project that seems to please every one in the community.

  59. Joyce McKey

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! I want to live there. Beautiful

  60. Wayne Warren-Angelucci

    This new addition to our apartments creates both a more comprehensive friendly neighborhood with its numerous amenities and bright aesthetic designs. We strive to make this a friendly family community for all residents. It gives us great pleasure that you residents are truly enjoying living here.

  61. susie

    A much needed and beautiful addition to the area. It makes my neighborhood feel more like a community and gives me a sense of pride. It is well thought out and user friendly. It adds a feeling of family and fun. It is so inviting. A wonderful place to relax and share life.

  62. Anne Kathleen Ricchiuti

    This is a beautiful complex that will serve the community for years to come. The landscapers and managers are doing a wonderful job of maintaining the community. It is a welcome addition.

  63. Anne Angelucci

    The new addition to University Terrace East is gorgeous! It is a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and community. The new amenities are a major upgrade for the residents. It is a wonderful community for families.

  64. Sharif Chowdhury

    Living in this community is wonderful. It is safe, quiet, and clean. The staff and employees are very helpful and friendly. I am really happy that I chose to live here with my family!!!


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