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Whitney Mixed-Use Building

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  Private Architecture

The Whitney Mixed-Use building sits in the heart of La Jolla Shores just three blocks from La Jolla Shores beach. The building was inspired by, and showcases the elegant design, attention to proportion and scale, modernism, and simplicity of architect Irving Gill. The commercially-zoned infill building thoughtfully maximized allowable density by replacing a single-story 1950’s era duplex. The building eloquently breaks up its mass with cream-white stucco, vertical landscaping, and graceful arches complimented with locally handcrafted steel forged windows, pivoting doors, and Juliet balcony railings by Maiden Steel. The building’s overall appearance shows clean lines, simplicity, and functionality while capturing the breezes, sunlight, and views of the village of La Jolla Shores. Using geometric shapes, flat roofs, and smooth surfaces creates a contemporary yet timeless look. The three-story mixed-use building contains two luxury full-floor three-bedroom and three-and-a-half bath residences. Upon exiting the elevator that opens into each home’s living room, you immediately notice the floor-to-ceiling Fleetwood sliding doors that seamlessly flow to the residence’s ocean-view, private, glass-railed, sun-drenched patios. The two large homes are over a street-level boutique market/restaurant, all built above an underground 7-car garage accessed by a private car lift.

2202 - 2206 Avenida de la Playa

Project Owner/Developer:
Playa Grande, LLC

Contact Name/Email:
Robert Whitney 4playagrande@gmail.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Martin Architecture & Rick Vandervort

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  1. Claude-Anthony Marengo

    Not only is it architecturally a warm and inviting structure but it is timeless and appropriate to the sociology of the neighborhood … it took a lot for this building to be built and an orchid would be its best acknowledgement as being a part of the community fabric of la jolla shores well done Whitney family and Martin Architecture

  2. Dave

    This building brings the Southern California beach community style with a modern twist. I frequently get coffee and food on this street and my eyes are constantly drawn to this beautiful building. It is such an amazing project and so good for our community.

  3. Michael Morton AIA

    This is the best new building in La Jolla shore’s commercial heart. This project is a perfect example of small infill project that perfectly exemplifies the Southern California beach style with a ground floor retail. The is a gem and heat addition to the “Shores”. This deserves an orchid!

  4. TSCHIRN Darryl J

    Eautiful in all architectural details inside and out. A complete win for La Jolla Shores.

  5. Roy

    Beautiful building.

  6. Corey Drew-Bell

    Absolutely beautiful, walking down the street you can’t help but stop and admire the vertical green scape that decorated the the walls. The large windows that open up, inviting the nice ocean breeze is just another thing that is so noteworthy of this building. It is a very well thought out building.

  7. Denny Sanford

    Fabulous design!

  8. Doug hogan

    This building has changed the dynamic of La Jolla Shores for the better…one of the few time the finished building was
    Prettier than the rendering… its just gorgeous !

    • Lia and Ken Johnson

      We are so grateful to the Whitney family for designing and building this absolutely gorgeous structure.. it is beautiful and has improved our neighborhood immensely. It has provided a great place to meet friends and to dine at it’s restaurant ,Market Space.

  9. Jay hagan

    Best development in LJ Shores in over a decade!

  10. John Vorgeas

    Great design and space usage

    • James Edward

      Fabulous building, arcitecture and execution.

  11. Hugh Davies

    Besutifully elegant interior design and furnishings of the highest grade.

  12. Victoria Millay

    Such a beautiful addition to La Jolla Shores! The architecture blends so well with the area and is very classy.

  13. Graham G Weiss

    It is appalling how long this beautiful bldg took to get approved.

    Positive addition to the Shores

  14. Steve Kotsenburg

    Wow this is beautiful building and I’ve been there ! Coolest place in La Jolla. Great design and really adds to the srea

  15. Mark Bua

    Great place that provides much needed design to an area that needed improvements.

  16. Sal

    The Whitney Mixed-Use building is beautiful, it sits in the heart of La Jolla Shores and within a few minutes you can get to La Jolla Shores beach. Upon entering the building you can immediately see the elegant design, and the modernism created by architect Irvin Gill! Best part is that you can easily walk to Piatti and have a nice glass of wine and enjoy the immaculate atmosphere of the The Whitney Mixed-Use building.

  17. Darrell Saxon


  18. Lori Nettleton

    There was a lot of controversy about this building but I think it turned out beautiful! I love that it has balcony setbacks and the mixed use of a business at the bottom and residential on the top. It also is one of the few buildings that has parking in La Jolla Shores!

  19. Drew Ferris

    excellent design! This has truly upgraded downtown La Jolla and given a upgraded feel for the entire area. Very well done and I hope more of La Jolla takes on this type of architecture.

  20. Maureen Keiffer

    Wonderful addition to the shores community

  21. Ellie Yates


  22. Camille Harris

    The property has made a beautiful transformation. It blends beautifully into the surrounding environment!

  23. Mary Ann Carreon

    Absolutely beautiful.

  24. Kurt

    Great job making a beautiful building fit into a diverse neighborhood. Great job!

  25. Tom Murphy

    Best looking building in the Shores!

  26. Brien Metcalf

    Bob created the cornerstone development in the shores that anchors the restaurant area

  27. Mary K

    Gorgeous building with clean crips lines. Architecture adds to classical beauty of La Jolla Shores. A perfect fit!

  28. Mary Klotzbach

    Gorgeous building with clean crips lines. Architecture adds to classical beauty of La Jolla Shores. A perfect fit!

  29. T Simon

    It is such a beautiful building and a wonderful addition to the LJ Shores community.

  30. Jack S

    Stunning modern architecture that effortlessly blends in with the Shores neighborhood!

  31. Jessica Stancil

    A design so beautiful it’s elevated the entire Shores

  32. Marie Cantwell

    Beautiful addition to the neighborhood and lifestyle

  33. Jackie Lopez

    Stunning!! Cannot wait to visit!

  34. Debby Jennings

    So beautifully done. What a great asset to La Jolla Shores!

  35. Steve Kotsenburg

    Beautiful building in the shores !

  36. Nick Riley

    The building is a massive upgrade to LJ Shores!

  37. Kristi Hageman

    Such a beautiful addition to the Shores! I love it!

  38. Nader

    Awesome design that added beauty to La Jolla shores

  39. Stacy Smith

    My favorite and I love the windows and doors!

  40. Susana Clark

    The nicest place in La Jolla!

  41. Claudia Allen

    Love it……inside & out. Classic, timeless

  42. Quiet neighbor

    Possibly the best looking mixed use building in La Jolla. Bob Whitney deserves kudos.

  43. Jay Alcayde

    Elegant and not seen design. I love the look from the outside and the interior.

  44. Denise Foley

    I’ve been there. Such a fantastic building in the best area of La Jolla. It has a great vibe. I can’t wait to stay there again!
    The owners are super cool people!

  45. Drew Haygeman

    Elegantly, La Jolla casual. The Whitney Mixed Use Structure stands as testimony to the bravado, and perseverance of the Whitney Family. Not only does the structure enhance and elevate the currently existing beachscape neighborhood, over time it will surely set the tone and expectation for future excellence in design and development of the area. A thirteen year case book example of the power of a dream. Often against seemingly impossible odds. A virtual “how-to” toward realizing and delivering on a vision that few initially recognized. The bar has been set high. Kudos to Bob and all involved…

  46. Drew Haygeman

    Elegantly, casual La Jolla! Thirteen years from vision to completion. Truly a testimony to the bravado and perseverance of the Whitney Family! Most often agains seemingly impossible odds. This building not only enhances and elevates the currently existing beach scape neighborhood… it also makes a statement about the future high design expectation for excellence over time. The bar is now high, appropriately so! Kudos to Bob and Team

  47. Ethan Schaffer

    The exquisite steel design works by Maiden Steel give the Whitney such a clean and sophisticated look. It is one of our favorite places to walk by before watching the summer sunsets at the shores.

  48. Todd Noe

    The Whitney’s had a vision and spared no expense or headache(s) to achieve it.
    This is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) projects in my 20+ year career in architectural metal. This project is representative of a Team with passion and commitment for overachievement . A great addition to the community. Thank you Whitneys!

  49. Grace H-N

    I’m a native San Diegan. I grew up surrounded by Craftsman and Spanish architecture in Mission Hills, and enjoyed seeing the same in La Jolla and in other historical neighborhoods in San Diego.
    I am grateful that owners have preserved and maintained those structures over the years, especially with the ongoing changes in architectural trends.
    The Whitney Mixed-Use Building is brilliant. It creatively masks all the needs within with a beautifully integrated exterior, which combines traditional architecture with a modern twist.
    The arched windows and doors with the metal frames anchor the structure and acknowledge the Spanish architecture at eye level. The style transitions as it moves to the next level, which reflects the Spanish with a modern twist, and moves to the upper level with a crispy modern style.
    This building is a functional and creative architectural statement, which has showcased this corner.

  50. Beverley Helm

    Beautiful building!! I especially love the windows and doors! So bright, warm and inviting!!

  51. Ken Johnson

    I’m happy to see the building. Finally be done. The architectural goes very well with the surrounding community.


    Innovative concept with modern and clean lines.


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