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Wilson Middle School and Central Elementary School Redevelopment

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  Landscape Architecture

The new Wilson Middle School includes several new buildings housing classrooms, extensive support spaces, and an innovative 3-level parking structure that provides play courts on the top floor. Outdoor learning spaces include a science garden and socialization porches, and a large covered outdoor student commons area at the main entry is used as an informal lunch area. The main entrance was reconfigured, and two new student drop-off and pick-up areas were also constructed to better serve circulation patterns.

Central Elementary School includes new general-purpose and specialized classrooms, a community clinic, and a health center. Additionally, three new play areas, with ample shade, have been constructed for different age groups giving the students an excellent opportunity for exterior play.

This project also includes a new joint-use field (JUF), open to the community after school hours. It provides additional acres of population-based parkland in the park-deficient community.

The design of the new shared campus not only uplifts and inspires the student body but the vibrant City Heights community as well. It clearly communicates the importance of education, innovation, and accessibility to park space and community resources that will serve to reflect and nurture the cultural richness of this unique San Diego community.

3838 Orange Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
San Diego Unified School District

Contact Name/Email:
Francisco Campuzano/fcampuzano@sandi.net

Project Architect/Designer:
Spurlock Landscape Architects

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  1. E. Morales

    The surroundings at Wilson Middle School were not designed for a middle school. There are large seating areas outdoors and in the halls, but classrooms are too small and too few. There are countless places for students to hide when avoiding class and at lunch, which makes proper supervision impossible. There were sacrifices made for appearance that did not benefit students, which is supposed to be the reason for a school being built from the ground up.


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