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Wolfie’s Carousel Bar

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Wolfie’s Carousel Bar is a living piece of art. Born from the minds of San Diegans Mauricio and Gillian Couturier, and Abe and Ricky Aguilar—the team spent several years researching and designing the concept to fit its converted Little Italy garage space and sought to create an awe-inspiring immersive experience. Wolfie’s centerpiece is a fully functioning antiqued carousel-turned-bar with the bar top and attached bar stools revolving around a stationary central bartender workspace, hand-built with added layers of texture and patina to give the carousel an aged, vintage feel and illuminated by 400 lightbulbs. Imagery extends beyond the bounds of its moving centerpiece with pastel-colored Belle Epoque-style décor and 18th-century French paintings that reinforce the grandeur of another time, alongside digitally created murals and paintings that feel transportive (hand-painted pop culture references sprinkled throughout ensure Wolfie’s is squarely grounded in the present) with countless “Easter eggs”—a DeLorean parked by a picnic scene, hot air balloons, and UFOs hidden in the murals inviting guests to find something new each time they visit. Embarking and disembarking from the ADA-friendly bar is similar to doing the same on an escalator, as the carousel moves slowly enough to ride a wheelchair onto it.

2401 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
Gillian and Mauricio Couturier; Abe Aguilar, Ricky Aguilar

Contact Name/Email:
Mauricio Couturier & Abe Aguilar // Abe@wolfiescarousel.com and Mauricio@wolfiescarousel.com

Project Architect/Designer:
Abe Aguilar; Mauricio Couturier; Davis Ink; Equity Builders

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  1. Julie

    I love this!!!

  2. Crive006@ucr.edu

    My birthday was yesterday and being that it landed on a weekday my fiancé and I decided to celebrate locally at one of the cutest spots here in San Diego. I had already seen a couple posts about Wolfie’s on TikTok, but had never personally visited. However I’m so happy we e finally got the chance to go because it was such a vibe. The place, the service, the employees. 10/10. Plus bonus points because it’s such a cute place to take pictures. I had an entire photoshoot lol (@cristinerivera)

  3. Tina Heschke

    So whimsical and fun!

  4. Marrissa Mallory

    Wolfie’s is always such a great vibe – it’s escapism at it’s best (that also happens to have incredible food which never hurts)!


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