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  Interior Design

Design Brief:
is lit by a nearly seventeen foot long brass, glass and neon tiered chandelier and two seven feet six inch tall glowing resin caryatid sculptures, along with velvet and brass table lamps and, brass and resin face sconces creating a golden glow. The back bar features tinted mirror moon art, while a brass and leather ladder allow bartenders to climb for exclusive and rare spirits. The intimate space includes round porthole tinted mirrors, mirrored upholstered swivel chairs and mirrored tables. “The goal of Young Blood was to create a surreal jewel box bar that layers neoclassical forms, rich weighty materials and an omnipresent amber glow–blurring the line between past, present and future for a transportive experience into the unknown.” – Home Studios


Design Challenges:

The biggest challenge was finding people passionate enough to take on a job this complex. Every surface has 4-5 different craftsman, working in different mediums, trying to come together seamlessly. The stone grid lines in the floor, aligned with the stone columns inset in the millwork, that aligned with the 3-face sconces, that align with the ceiling trim, that aligned with the chandelier. To pull this off required a very patient team doing it solely for the love of the work. 

Design Results:

The result was a space that the community can come back to time and time again and still notice something new for the first time. A seat at the will enhance the intricate scalloped 2-stone detail and compact backbar built for the intimate space. Whereas a seat at the booth will bring your eye to the brass curtains, french carpet, and gold gilded dome vault ceiling. With the dreamlike setting, top of the line hifi system, and no windows this space makes time stop and the outside world feel like a distant memory.


  1. 16′-9″ long brass, glass & neon tiered chandelier By Sapphire Chandelier 

  2. 7′-6″ tall glowing resin caryatid sculptures By Anthony Hart

  3. brass & resin 3 headed sconces By Anthony Hart

  4. Gold Onyx and Nero Maquina stone bar w/ scalloped edged by SoCal Counters 

  5. Custom bar island built like a home bar in a public space by Orness Design  

  6. Brass barstools with brass beaded fringe to the floor 

  7. Hifi audio wall display and equipment by Uncanned 


777 G Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Project Owner/Developer:
Arsalun Tafazoli

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
CH Projects + Home Studio

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