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Part Time Lover

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  Interior Design

A curated community listening bar, Part Time Lover aligns the storied lineage of its location (the former Bar Pink) with CH Projects’ partnership with Folk Arts Rare Records, a San Diego institution since 1967 for vinyl and music. Part Time Lover was designed by CH Projects’ Department of Interior led by Taylor Leage. The design is primarily inspired by the Prairie School Aesthetic which was lionized by Frank Lloyd Wright, who was heavily influenced by Japanese art and culture and who lived in Tokyo while working on the Imperial Hotel. Wright’s talent for blending the aesthetic details of east and west and his approach inspired CH when developing the bar. With eight large oak framed triangles coming together to create a large custom chandelier that anchors the room, the clean lines come together to create a simple but overwhelming effect. North Park tattoo artist and shop owner, Honkeykonger, custom designed wall paper with a nod to Bar Pink to maintain another through-line of the history of the project. The open layout was designed for unobstructed sound, but to also be a space where music connoisseurs can converge. Characterized by horizontal lines and angular shapes that dominate the room, almost everything in Part Time Lover has been custom-built by local craftsmen. The classic 1930’s Brunswick Art Deco triple arch back bar embraces a classic vernacular, while the furniture takes a crafted midwest approach with the bar and table lamps custom made for the space by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

3829 30th Street, San Diego

Project Owner/Developer:
Arsalun Tafazoli

Contact Name/Email:

Project Architect/Designer:
CH Projects’ Department of Interior led by Taylor Leage

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