What is  the Teen Jury?

SDAF’s Orchids & Onions (O&O) program brings San Diegans together to decide which parts of the built environment make our city a better place to live. Community members participate by nominating the projects for awards, and voting for the People’s Choice Award. O&O is looking for middle school/high school students who are interested in talking about architecture.

What will the kids do?

The students will review a list of local buildings and provide feedback on the designs. Their thoughts may then be used at this year’s Orchids & Onions Awards Ceremony on October 7th. Some students will be selected to participate in the teen jury panel. All activities are to take place online.

Why participate?

The O&O teen jury is an opportunity for San Diego students to think artistically, to express themselves, and to learn about careers in architecture. It will be a fun experience and participants will have a chance to win a $20 gift card!

Sign up Online!

Participation is free. Students must complete the online registration form. Guardians’ permission is required.

Terms & Conditions for Participation

Participants comments, written and video recorded, may be used at the Orchids & Onions awards ceremony, online, and/or in print, for the San Diego Architectural Foundation, Orchids and Onions, and/or A Reason to Survive.